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Typical Italian Como Boat 

Note: At the moment the weather forecast gives cloudy for March 24 , but no rain.

The boat tour however is feasible even in case of rain , your seat protected and inside of the boat.

Just bring a rain jacket in case of a light shower and tennis shoes.


Arrive 30 minutes before to select your seat.




Your boat tour will departure from the CERNOBBIO pier at 9:00am, the boat will not wait for you. So, you must follow the instructions.

(NOTE: Our boat provider advised that the best starting point is Cernobbio for 2 reasons: on the Como pier there is often a floating barge used for works in progress that could block the boat's berthing in case of wind, being a very exposed point, boats may have difficulty docking. Instead, the pier in Cernobbio is more sheltered and even in less favorable weather conditions boats have no problem docking.)


Please pay attention and follow the instructions to arrive at the pier on time for your boat excursion.


It is recommended to leave your hotel as early as 8:10 am to avoid traffic. If staying in A HOTEL IN COMO.


However, if you are staying in Hilton or Sheraton ask instructions to your concierge how to walk to the pier,6 to 10 minutes walking from the hotel to the pier.


  • It is recommended to arrive at the Cernobbio pier by 8:30 am to start check in and select your preferred seat.


  • You must present the copy of your receipt, if you wish to print you can ask your hotel to help you with a copy.


Como has traffic, the streets are narrow, and public transportation can be late.


NOTE: There is no Uber or other apps.

If you are staying in Como your options are:


  • Taxi – takes about 15 to 20 minutes depending on the traffic– your hotel can help you to call the taxi.

The city will be full due to the event, so do not wait last minute to call the taxi.


You must ask the hotel reception to order a taxi. The hotel reception to order the taxi , or  CALL RADIO TAXI  +39 031 26.15.15 ;


USE the In Taxi APP, here the links for download: 





  • Public Buses. Ca. 2.00 per person, per way:  You will need to leave your Como hotel by 8:00 am.

Departing from Bus Terminal in Como (ca. 200 mt from Hotel Terminus for example).


Bus line nr. 6 / nr. 10 – they arrive in Cernobbio in ca. 20 min. 


  • Public Boat – pier in front of Piazza Cavour: you will need to live your Como hotel by 8:00 am.

For sure the best way to reach Cernobbio from Como is by public ferry. The public ferry will arrive in Cernobbio exactly where our private boat will dock. It takes just 13 min. , it costs € 2.50 per person one way  - or € 5.00 return trip.


You can find all details and times in this web site

They  recommend the customer to go to the ticket office about 20 minutes before the departure.



  1. Set up your alarm clock for 7:00 am so you have time for breakfast.


  1. Ask for help if you are not sure what to do to get your transportation. As you can see you will need to be proactive and ask help for your hotel concierge if you are not sure what to do.

  2. Dressed comfortably, tennis shoes, bring a rain jacket just in case of rain or wind.

  3. Bring a snack, we will provide bottle of water.

  4. Try to share the taxi if this is your choice with other friends.


There is no refund if you arrive late, so take this instruction’s and follow them! Have a great time.


Roberta is our guide is very knowledgeable and accustomed to handling large groups and on board one guide is sufficient. Our guide has a named list of participants and will have the ways to verify that they are all present. Embarkation should be done very fast if everyone arrives earlier.




This breathtaken panoramic tour by boat of the most famous places of Lake Como including Villa Erba, Villa D’Este, Villa Fontanelle (the former Villa Versace), Villa Pliniana, Villa Oleandra (George Clooney’s Villa), Villa Balbianello, Villa Carlotta and Bellagio. Great opportunity to spend time with new friends, get to know more people and take amazing pictures together. Share the happiness, make new friends and build memories!

- Boat tour duration: 3 hours
- Guide on board

- Departure and return from Cernobbio Pier

- Departure: March 24th from 9:00 am to 12:00pm -

Our guide: ROBERTA CAPRANI, Mobile 0039 3356759319

Meeting point: CERNOBBIO PIER

Our emergency nr: 0039 366 634 3184

There will be no waiting in case of delay , the customer who did not show up will not be entitled to any refund.

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