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Virtual Informational Sessions on our Ethics Abroad Travel Program

  • November 18. General Overview and Introduction to the Ethics Abroad trip /(hosted by Thorsten Wagner; recording available here)

  • December 14. Bill Grueskin (Columbia Journalism School): Ethical Journalism in the Digital Age (hosted by Bill Grueskin, Columbia Journalism School)

  • January 18. The Failure of ‘First Do No Harm’ -- Injustice in Biomedical Research (hosted by Lydia S. Dugdale, MD, Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, Columbia University)

  • February 16. Thorsten Wagner: The Wannsee Conference & Discussion of the film Conspiracy (hosted by Thorsten Wagner)

  • March 22. Landscapes of Memory: Reading Berlin and Krakow (hosted by Thorsten Wagner)

All sessions to be held at 7pm EST.  

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