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Gastronomic Milan

Italy is, of course, widely known for its cousine. However, but some cheeses that go under the radar include tasty and sometimes spicy varieties like taleggio, stracchino, gorgonzola. In general, the most important things to try in Milan (and the whole of Lombardy) include milk, cream, butter, cheese. It may sound strange, but it's true. 



The forthcoming food-focused 2015 World Expohas propelled Milanand its “new energy” into the spotlight. However, global food cognoscenti can vouch that Milan’s energy is hardly new — and will persist indefinitely after its “moment” has passed.

Milan is hidden. One has to know and live the literal and figurative city of giant closed doors and spectacular interior courtyards in order to love it. Most non-business travelers pass through Milan for a night or two to kick off, or wrap up, an extended Italy trip. They view Da Vinci’s Last Supper,visit the Duomo, eat in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, stroll around the Brera and believe they have seen Milan. 


A great majority of the classic dishes consist of milk and cream, butter, mascarpone, cheese and ricotta, even the names of the towns, such as Crema and Cremona remind you cheese. However don't think that everything's the same and tastes the same: there is a huge variety in the rich cuisine of Milan. Rice tends to be more popular than pasta and, in fact, rice absorb more cheese butter and broth. Sometimes they even throw vegetables or meat into the mix. However, pasta is quite important here as well with dishes such as "tortelli di zucca", which is ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, and "pinzoccheri," which consists of buckwheat noodles cooked with potatoes cabbage and cheese. Don't forget the soups: "zuppa pavese" (broth with bread and eggs) and "zuppa di porri e bietole" (made with leeks and swiss chard). Another typical meal is "polenta", topped with mushrooms or meat- a rich dish typically served during the winter. Finally, what about meat? Here you are "bresaola" dried beef; "carpaccio" thinly sliced raw beef; "arrosto" roast meat such as beef pork or veal and sausages. These meals are served with side dishes such as beans, mushrooms, or salad.


Wherever you go in Italy, you can’t miss visiting a street market. Picture stalls laden with fruit and veg, boisterous sellers and great fashion bargains, and you’re not far off the truth. Milan has some amazing markets too. Here we’ve collected our seven favourite Milan street markets, one for each day of the week – minus Sunday, but we have two for Saturday!

On Saturday morning for as long as I can remember, my mum has gone shopping at the local street market. She would go out with her trusty red shopping trolley and return an hour or so later, trolley filled to the brim with fruit and veg in brown paper bags, juicy olives and packets of cheese and cured meat. Saturday lunches were always the tastiest of the week – a selection of the freshest market produce. Parma ham and ripe gorgonzola on bread, olives straight from the bags (when my mum wasn’t looking) and a fresh salad. Heaven.


Do you think that traveling around Italy on a vegan (or vegetarian) diet is a difficult task? Yes it's true, Italians have a special penchant for meat, cheese and fish: you will probably find them showing their wares off in tiny bottegas or at the vendors' stalls as well as hidden inpaniniand stuffed pasta almost everywhere. Yet, what a lot of people don't realize is that the boot is also a country where seasonal veggies are super-tasty (and usually affordable, too) and where at almost every corner you can treat yourself to a delicious “aglio olio and peperoncino”(garlic, olive oil and chilly) pasta or a pizza marinara, lavishly topped with tomato, garlic, oregano, extra virgin olive oil and nothing more than that: the perfect choice for vegans.

But if you want to enjoy your Italian holiday without worrying about finding a slice of prosciuttoor a bite of mozzarellain your sandwich or salad, here it is a list of vegan or vegetarian (but usually offering also some vegan options in the menu) restaurants all over Italy, from fine dining to street food and trattorias. 

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