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Gastronomic Rome


Many things have been said about Italian people along the years. Men have seductive ways of stealing a woman’s heart, Romeis the most beautiful city in the world or that Italian people talk a lot. We are not sure if they are true or not, but we can state with certainty that Italian food is delicious.

Everyone knows that Italian pasta has a different flavour than any other pasta in the world. No matter how much American food chains will try to copy the recipe of the home made pizza, none is going to taste as good as the Italian one. So if you are visiting Rome any time soon, make sure to adopt a carbohydrates diet, or completely forget about diets because while you’re in Rome you eat what the Romans cook.


Italian cuisine is known for its bread made with garlic and olive oil called bruschetta. We also recommend you try the delicious spaghetti or the spring lamb called abbacchio. Our favourite spaghetti is the Bolognese, but we would also recommend the Milanese or the Carbonara. Italians are also famous for their delicious wines, and we will try to suggest them along the article.

Waking up in Rome is a delightful experience, and if you also consider the food, everything becomes better.  For breakfast you could serve the delicious bruschetta with a slice of Italian cheese. You will have a hard time deciding which cheese to choose because the offer is wide. We recommend you try the famous Mozzarella, or if you are searching for a different option, we suggest a fresh melon plate with Prosciuttoor a classic expresso with toasted bread and nutella.


In Rome, the usual plate for lunch is most certainly pasta. Italians have different types of pasta that they use to prepare all the delicious dishes you will find. Usually, in restaurants the plates contain a high quantity of food, so make sure not to order too much of it. The pasta is prepared with beef, seafood or even vegetables. It depends on the course you order. A secret of the Italian cuisine that we managed to observe was that chefs usually add mozzarella in the sauce before the food is arranged on the table, not after. This gives the pasta an incredible creamy taste. For light entrees, we suggest you accompany the food with a bottle of Colli Albani.

For dinner, usually Italians serve meat, fish or vegetables. Basically in every restaurant you will find simple and traditional dishes you could taste. Eating for Italian people is more of a pleasure, than a habit or need. If you’ll choose fish or vegetables you could accompany the dish with a Colli Lanuvinior a Marino Biancowine. Make sure you also experience food like locals when you’re in Rome, so take your time while eating. We suggest you try the traditional pizza, and pamper yourself with dessert and coffee afterwards. We could suggest a lot of sweets or desserts you could try, but we are pretty convinced that once you try the Italian ice cream, you won’t need or want to taste something else. It’s addictive!


Campo de Fiori

Rome’s historic market place, the Campo de Fiorihas existed for over 400 years. The site is a must-visit in any Rome travel guide, and this farmers’ market provides a wonderfully authentic taste of Rome. The name translates as ‘field of flowers’, and an incredible range of products are available to buy here, including beautiful flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, artisan Italian meats and cheese, and local delicacies such as truffles and homemade olive oils. Soak up the wonderfully Italian atmosphere as you rub shoulders with locals haggling for their daily groceries and as amiable traders banter with their neighbors over your head. The market is open daily and best explored in the mornings with the locals.


Campagna Amica Market

This covered market is a perfect spot for foodies. Campagna Amica Marketonly trades in food sourced from local Lazio farmers and the region surrounding Rome. The freshest fruit and vegetables in the city are to be found here. On Saturdays and Sundays from 10.30am to 7pm, this farmers’ market by Rome’s iconic Circus Maximus spills over with the best seasonal produce that Rome can offer. Honey almost straight from the hive and olives practically just fallen off the trees: Campagna Amica exhibits the best of Rome’s farm-to-table produce and is the perfect way for visitors to support regional farmers and the local environment.


Rome has many attractions, like museums, graveyards, and architecture. There is organic pizza, bruschetta, quinoa, chocolate, wine, and juices. Vegan, macrobiotic, and local food is available too. 

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