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Our account team Joanna and Sarah
reporting  from India…

September 2018, our Commercial Manager Joanna Greene and  Operations Manager Sarah Navarro canvassed India, exploring Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Rajasthan and more.

They inspected hotels and met with guides; visited companies and NGOs; and met with business and social  innovators to source and vet resources and opportunities for your EMBA study programs. Their findings regarding hotels, guides, cultural programs, technical visits, service opportunities have all been incorporated into our portfolio of programs.

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Commercial Manager

"Technical visits to TERI campus outside Delhi can be highly customized to meet the specific needs of the visiting group. Although especially well-suited to those in environmental and/or energy-related fields, Teri’s focus on sustainable development make it an important visit for any global-minded citizen who sees the value of environmental preservation. Among other things, technical components can include a video presentation, lectures/meetings with TERI staff and local university professors, and an up-close-and-personal tour of the TERI campus incl."



Operation Manager

"A visit to NGO Jaipur Foot Centre provides an impactful experience that blends a technical visit with cultural interaction.  We were able to walk among local amputees while seeing firsthand the process of artificial limbs being built, fitted, and provided to patients - all at no charge to the recipient of the limb. Jaipur Foot does more than provide mobility to its patients; it empowers past patients by providing employment as well as giving women the tools they need to be self-sufficient."

    live REPORT

     from India

     India 2019



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