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The Group Activity

 The Munich Challenge

With the iPad challenge the group becomes real treasure hunters and point chasers. A racy team event and an exciting competition with plenty of adrenalin, strategy and teamwork awaits you.

Several groups (5-7 people) play against each other for points in this exciting team event. The aim of the team event is to reach the various tasks and to solve them correctly. The groups are set questions and team tasks that can only be solved at the location.

Photographing, filming videos, scanning codes, finding treasure chests or solving complex puzzles – there are points for every task. The groups are free to choose their strategy and route during the entire session. During this time they are constantly able to observe the position of the others and communicate with one another via chat. The interactive city challenge therefore becomes a communicative team event with a great deal of fun and activity.


Nuremberg, a city in northern Bavaria, is distinguished by medieval architecture such as the fortifications and stone towers of its Altstadt (Old Town). At the northern edge of the Altstadt, surrounded by red- roofed buildings, stands Kaiserburg Castle. The Hauptmarkt (central square) contains the Schöner Brunnen, the gilded “beautiful fountain” with tiers of figures, and Frauenkirche, a 14th-century Gothic church.

Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Bavaria’s second-largest city and the unofficial capital of Franconia, is an energetic place where the nightlife is intense and the beer is as dark as coffee.




A city so special they named it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Salzburg is famed for its old-world glamour, made more striking by the majestic backdrop of snow-capped Alps.

It is the home town of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Would you like to visit his place of birth, his residence, the streets he walked and the cafes he drank in?

Salzburg is also one of the most popular set-jetting or "movie tourism" destinations in the world for one simple reason - The Sound of Music. You'll see the sites you'll remember from the silver screen, such as the beautiful Mirabelle Gardens where Julie Andrews and the children were filmed singing Do-Re-Mi.


Explore  the Creative BOX

Inside the Creative Box


….. This proposal is just the beginning.

Once a destination is chosen we want to take a deep dive with you into the “realm of the possible”, exploring opportunities and crafting the very best ISP Europe Experience for Stern students. Ideas are endless.

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