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Group Activity

Three options to consider:


Group Activity

Option #1: Colosseum & Imperial Tour with Lunch




Location:  Rome, Italy


This excursion explores the most impressive sites of the ancient city with a guided walk through the Colosseum and Roman Forum. The first stop will be at the Coliseum, possibly Rome’s most renowned landmark, the symbol of the Eternal city. You will be transported to centuries past as you stand in the center of this spectacular amphitheater built by the Emperor Vespasian. The Roman Forum, the political and commercial center of the city in ancient times, is next on the itinerary. This fascinating collection of ruins reflects the twelve centuries of Roman civilization. When excavations began in the 18th century, most of the Forum was buried under nine feet of rubble and was known as Campo Vaccino.


Option for group lunch


Duration approximately 6 hours

Group Activity

Option #2: Roman For A Day

Location:  Rome, Italy


Appian Way & Catacombs

Escape Rome’s busy center and explore the Roman countryside which surrounds the city. We will take the Old Appian Way or Appia Antica, one of the oldest roads built during the Roman Republic. This impressive road spanned across the Italian peninsula, connecting Rome with Brindisi. Today, this tree-lined road immersed in greenery is considered one of the most picturesque in Rome We will visit to the Undeground Catacombs - the most famous Christian cemeteries along the Old Appian Way. In use from the 2nd century AD, catacombs were rediscovered in the 16th century


Gladiator School

You will dress up in a gladiator training tunic for a private lesson at the original Gladiator School of Rome. Train and fight with swords like a gladiator and enjoy a 1 hour-fun class while learning the secrets of the famous fighters. The activity includes: Roman gladiator training, learning of attack and defense techniques, combat and certificate.


Optional: Pizza Making School with Lunch


Duration approximately 6 hours



Group Activity

Option #3: Full Day to Pompei


Location:  Rome, Italy


A fascinating trip into the life of people in the Roman Empire through Pompeii Excavations. With an early morning departure to Pompeii by bus, we will arrive to Pompeii in 3hrs. Following the eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79 AD, one of the most disastrous of all times, this ancient town was completely buried by ashes and literally vanished from the face of the earth. Today the extensive and varied ruins provide first class evidence of the ancient way of life and the last days of Pompeii.


Lunch included


Duration approximately 12 hours

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….. This proposal is just the beginning.

Once a destination is chosen we want to take a deep dive with you into the “realm of the possible”, exploring opportunities and crafting the very best ISP Europe Experience for Stern students. Ideas are endless.

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