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La Galejade

La Galejade restaurant at the entrance to the old town of Annecy is the first of three restaurants on the banks of the Thiou. A simple, but very decent kitchen. We eat well, we are well served. The service is fast and well organized despite the full room. A very varied and simple bistro cuisine.

Fischer Tavern

La Taverne Fischer is the restaurant among the first 3 restaurants in the old town after the Halles bridge to apply for a semi-gourmet service. The servers are in uniform with bow ties and the service is stilted. The Fischer Tavern is very successful. The cuisine is strongly influenced by Alsace. It would suit those who like a semi-gastronomic setting.

The Banks of the Thiou

The restaurants below enjoy an exceptional location, indeed most of them, see all of them, are on the quays of the Thiou river which crosses the city of Annecy. As soon as the weather permits, these restaurants set up their terrace so that you can enjoy the view of the island palace and the Thiou canal.

The Lyonnais inn

The Auberge du lyonnais is the reference in the Old Town of Annecy in seafood platter. Scallops, oysters and prawns will be served there in a setting that has recently been renovated. For those who prefer meat, rest assured, the restaurant has a few meat dishes on their menu.

This restaurant, which also serves as a hotel room on the banks of the Thiou in old Annecy, is hugely successful.

Rue Sainte Claire in Annecy

This street is very popular in Annecy. It is downright an essential artery when you discover the old town of Annecy. Entirely pedestrianized, it is full of shops of all kinds. Restaurants, bars, ice cream parlors, creperie, souvenir shop and shopping. A very famous singer in France even owns a restaurant there.

This street is a real walk in the Annecy of the Middle Ages.

Freti in Annecy

Do you want to discover the local culinary art? Le Freti has the reputation of serving the best Savoyard specialties, fondues, raclettes. FRETI is very popular with locals.

L'Estaminet is a traditional restaurant with a strong Savoyard influence and a few Belgian touches here and there. The Estaminet restaurant enjoys an exceptional location with a view of the Thiou. So if you go, always try to negotiate a table with the river view.

The Alpin in Annecy

As its name suggests, the Alpin is an Alpine-themed restaurant, with modern and Savoyard cuisine with a very marked decoration in the chalet style. Very cozy.

This restaurant stands out not only for its charcoal cooking, but also for one of its very famous owners, the singer MATT POKORA.

La Sapaudia in Annecy

La Sapaudia is a very famous Italian bistro in rue Sainte-Claire and even in Annecy. The atmosphere is relaxed and the quality is there. Pizza, 18-month-old Parma ham, Milanese cutlet and linguine await you. If you like Italian cuisine, you are served.

The Pré Carré

The Pré Carré in Annecy is a very flowery space that looks like a chic little corner in the Old Town of Annecy. Le Pré Carré is a small place where there is an agglomeration of a few restaurants and atmospheric bars.

The Passage du Pré Carré has managed to preserve tranquility and conviviality, far from the summer bustle of the old town and the surrounding shopping streets.

Olive Tree

The Olivier restaurant in the courtyard of the meadow square is a rather friendly and affordable traditional restaurant. The service is professional and pleasant. This is my favorite restaurant in the Cour du Pré Carré in Annecy. L’Olivier serves cuisine with a strong southern influence. It offers suggestions of the day and formulas with a really affordable value for money.

The Fabbrica

La Fabbrica in Annecy in the courtyard of the pre square is the very recent Italian restaurant which completes the taste offer of the place. Do you like Italy? Do you like fresh pasta? this restaurant offers a real culinary range of Italian cuisine. I really recommend it if it's a cuisine that speaks to you.

Madame de Warens quay

The Quai Madame de Warens in Annecy is a very peaceful place, a short walk along the Thiou river. As a wall would protect from the effervescence of the city center.

At the edge of this quay is the Venetian.

The most emblematic of place. The Venetian is a restaurant bar which has a simple cuisine. Pasta, sandwiches, or croque-monsieur. We go there especially for the place which is really a nice place. As an insider address.

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